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What is an exterminator? An exterminator is simply another word for a pest control technician and they are used interchangeably in most cases. The important thing to note here is that an exterminator is called to help with pest infestations, whether it be bugs or wildlife. Exterminators, or pest control technicians have the skills and knowledge to tackle all pest control related issues with your home or office.

If you’ve noticed unwanted pests in your general vicinity, it might be wise to have an exterminator visit the property to assess the situation. Often times, pest control is preventative and very affordable. Where the price begins to rise is once damage has been created and found. The best pest control plan is one that prevents and monitors the arrival of any new unwanted pests. If you’re a homeowner or property manager, it pays to have a pest control company like Pest Control Ashburn to inspect the property from time to time and to apply common pesticides.

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If you’re at the stage where you need to hire an exterminator for an infestation, we’d love to have the opportunity to inspect your property and educate you on the best solutions for your situation. Proper pest control services not only solve the problem but make sure to prevent it from resurfacing in the future. Be very careful of extermination services that only seek to remove the problem and talk nothing of prevention.

Our technicians are exclusion experts which simply means we make sure the problem doesn’t come back after we solve it. Better yet, we offer guarantees on all of our work which you won’t find with the big name brand companies. Pests and wildlife are very persistent and because of this, it is possible they can find their way back in. With our service though, you won’t have to worry because not only do we stand by our work, we will be monitoring your home frequently to make sure problems never become serious.

You can count on Pest Control Ashburn to take control of the situation and make sure your home and family are well protected. Our pest maintenance plans are designed to give homeowners peace of mind with our seasonal checkups and services. We’re experienced to handle all different pests and wildlife situations so if you find yourself in need of an exterminator, give us a call and we will advise you on how the situation should be handled. Contact us today for an in-home pest inspection and we will have a friendly and trained technician visit your home to assist in any pest control issue.

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