Termite Inspections In Ashburn Virginia

Timber beam of door damaged by termite which eat for a long time

Termite Control Near You

Termites are a threat to every homeowner or property manager and if you haven’t had an inspection recently, you’re effectively closing your eyes and rolling the dice. It’s never a question of termites are around, they are everywhere and cause billions of dollars in damage every year.

Termites nest in the soil below and around homes and find their way upward into the home’s wood structure. Termites feed on wood and do so in massive numbers. A termite colony consists of a queen and millions of other workers. Their sole mission is to eat wood and they never stop doing so.

A well-organized and functioning termite colony will typically have millions of wood-hungry workers feasting. The issue here is that most termite issues go undetected for years and can consume on average around 100 pounds of wood per year. Since wood is one of the most common materials used in home construction, this is something every homeowner should be aware of. The average cost of termite treatment after damage has been caused is about $8,000.

Effective termite control is extremely important because it’s unrealistic to think that termites can’t get inside of your home. In fact, if your home has a crack as small as a credit card, they can gain access. Again, most termite colonies feast with little to no signs. Pest Control Ashburn offers premium termite control services, making sure your home is safe and monitored for termite activity.

Termites on old wood background for decorate.
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Types Of Termites

Homeowners in the United States should be concerned with 3 different types of termites and this depends on the region you live in. Here in Ashburn, the main type of termite to concern yourself with is the eastern subterranean termite.

This termite is anywhere from one-eighth of an inch to an inch long and there are different categories. You have workers, soldiers, and swarmers. The color of these termites can differ depending on the category. Worker termites are cream-colored and pale while soldiers are similar but have a brown head. Primary reproductive termites are brown and black.

The three main types of subterranean termites all have a specific role to perform in the colony and each is uniquely equipped to perform that job. Worker termites don’t have eyes as they don’t need them. They spend their entire life in dark tunnels both above and below ground. Strangely enough, despite not having eyes they can still tell when they’re in the light or dark. If they’re exposed to light they will do everything they can to return to the dark because their bodies lose their much-needed moisture.

As the colony grows in size, the termite swarmers will leave the colony to start a new one, somewhere close by. Swarmers are the only termites of this family that have eyes as they will be leaving the tunnels to begin a new colony elsewhere. Again, these termites live several feet underground as told by their name.

Termite Control Tips:

Do not wait for termites to show themselves because typically at this point it’s too late. Termites feast for years without being detected to taking preventative measures is critical to the safety of your home.

  • Store firewood away from the home
  • Siding of the home should never extend down to the soil, foundation should be showing
  • Don’t put mulch so close to the home so that it touches
  • Make sure drainage systems are not blocked and flow away from the home
  • Be sure to eliminate leaks and moisture from the home as much as possible